Trickle Vents – Domestic Ventilation Units for Fresh and Clean Air

Fresh air and a healthy environment is a thing to be desired in this overly populated and exceedingly polluted times. Pollution has gone out of hand and our homes are also not safe from this malicious environment.Many new inventions and safety measures are introduced on a daily basis to make living as easy as possible. Trickle vents are also one of the many attempts towards the improvement of the current environmental changes.

Trickle vents are small ventilation components embedded in the windows, doors or ceilings to freshen up the environment and allow a small amount of air to circulate in an enclosed space. These units are commonly used in the UK and Europe but the United States have also adopted the systems for a better living atmosphere. These ventilation units are small in size and a common practice in today’s building infrastructures but many avoid them due to excessive energy consumption.

Why we need them:

Condensation problems are well-known by all and can accelerate if not properly tended. Trickle vents are the most common solutions to prevent perspiration and condensation issues. Though nowadays, air-tight windows do prevent these problems but air ventilation is still needed to ensure a breathable and healthy environment for all.Kitchen and bathrooms need these partitions the most due to high condensation rate in these areas. The units also eradicate over-ventilation issues and avoid draught entrance.Window-manufacturers now embed the system in advance due to the high demand of the units in general but there are also easy and energy-freeways that people adapt to prevent such issues.

Why Avoid Trickle vents:

  1. Trickle units are not the most attractive units and are unpleasant to look at.
  2. Because of their thin PVC material, the units are not the best for controlled ventilation.
  3. Excessive energy consumption makes them not the most economical
  4. The units are noisy and distractive.
  5. Poor control over the ventilation during weather changes.


Trickle vents are not the most desirable home equipment but have definite advantages that makes them a reliable choice to prevent harmful environmental issues. With some pros and some drawbacks, this technology is liked and adopted by some customers whereas the majority of them avoid. All in all, these units have some great advantages for people facing certain environmental issues so if you’re one of them, then go ahead and invest in this product.