Few Signs that Indicates the Presence of Bed Bugs in Your Room

Bed bugs are nasty and annoying. It is difficult to detect bed bugs and treat them. If you are worried about the presence of bed bugs, you must also be worried about how to treat them.

Bed bugs are difficult to find and despite so many recorded troubles created by these insects many of them do not know how a bed bug looks like. Punaise de lit can also affect your health, if they are not controlled and treated at the right time. To a normal eye, bed bug bites are similar to the bites by other insects. Here are few ways to detect a bed bug problem. They are

Red, itchy bites

 Most of the people don’t often consider the presence of bed bug until they experience a problem. The appearance of red marks, clusters or zigzag lines indicates that you have been bitten by bed bugs. The bites aren’t harmful, but it can be irritating and itching continuously, which might make it infected.

Uncomfortable nights

 Bed bugs are usually found in bed or somewhere near the bed. They attack on the host when they feel humans are inactive for some time. Therefore, if you wake up to itchy welt frequently every morning, it is most likely a bed bug problem.

Marked arms and shoulder

Bed bugs usually feed on the parts of body which are left exposed during the night for example hands, arms and shoulder. Whereas insects like fleas, tend to feed around the ankles.

A buggy bed

The first sign of the presence of bed bug can be determined by the bed. After feeding on their hosts, they usually leave behind rust spots which resemble blood stains. Apart from that, Bed bugs also leave traces of their skin while growing up.

Odour around you

If you get a strong and unpleasant strong smell like that of a wet towel, it is likely a bed bug problem. It is not necessarily that bed bugs are limited to your room. They can be anywhere around you, car, buses, trains, flights etc.

Inspect the bed

Check through the corner of each of your bed thoroughly. You can use a magnifying glass while cleaning the room to get a better look.

Inspect the room

 Check everything including curtains, chairs, tables, furniture, behind the dresser and around the headboard, if possible. If you find a reddish round spot that is an indication of the presence of bed bug.